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We have continuous studies going on with the yellow tailed woolly monkeys, night monkeys and habitat at our main site. We also do periodic monitoring at the seven reserves we are helping to protect. If a student wants to carry out a project that falls within the scope of what we are already carrying out, or in one of our focal areas, then we offer partial or full funding during their time at our project. Also, if a student has a new idea then they should write to us so we can discuss how best to help. So far we have had 3 PhD’s, 7 MSc’s and about 100 undergraduate projects.  Find out more…



Working in Chiloé-Silvestre is a unique experience because we are located on the Big Chiloe Island, the large island at the beginning of Patagonia, which has one of the most beautiful forests in southern Chile, the Valdivian forests, home of very particular wildlife. In Chiloé-Silvestre you can work in wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education and research, three fundamental for biodiversity conservation in a sustainable way.

Furthermore, Chiloé has a unique culture full of myths and ancient customs, whose inhabitants are known for the kindness and sympathy. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience where you will not only help and learn, but also win friends.  Find out more…



Ecuador Eco Volunteer is a Social Enterprise founded in 2007 that is designed with the help of our volunteers to create real and everlasting change in Ecuador.  Here we believe that Volunteer Work SHOULD NOT cost thousands of dollars a month. We value your TIME and EFFORT much more than your MONEY.  We are also proud (and perhaps a little bit biased as well!) to run what we believe are some of the best low-cost volunteer work programs in South America.  Find out more…