Who We Are

WILD VOLUNTEER is a not-for-profit initiative by Sharon and Michael Williams.

An Australian venture, our vision at WILD VOLUNTEER is to identify and showcase the best nature and wildlife travel experiences on earth; designed for the ‘Wild Volunteer’ or the ‘Wild Traveller’ in us all.

WILD VOLUNTEER will assist in showcasing all grass-roots and not-for-profit nature and wildlife organisations  who are making a real difference to wildlife protection and habitat conservation in a respectful, responsible and ethical way.

…. Because travel shouldn’t have to cost the earth


Volunteering brings a whole new dimension to travelling the world.

Not only will you meet interesting, like-minded people, but you will make a significant difference to projects YOU really care about. By avoiding over-crowded tourist destinations that don’t authentically represent your country of choice, you can completely immerse yourself; spending quality time with local people and breathing in the thousands of years of cultural history, all the while pushing forward with your conservation goals.
When you’ve done it once, it will definitely become your new found addiction.

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Volunteering is a great way to make a direct contribution to your chosen organisation and also enables you to totally experience everything the world has to offer. Sometimes, however, we all need a break without working! We have handpicked accommodation around the world that we feel is contributing in some way to the environment and is suitable for people who want to travel with a conscience. We have avoided the “big resorts” and have focused on locally owned accommodation, wildlife reserves, or protected ecosystems.

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